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May 2 - May 10, 2015
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'The True is a Moment of the False' is a study of news headlines from the NY Times, LA Times, Miami Herald, BBC News, and Blouin Artinfo.

Apr 29, 2015

Written by: Max Rippon

With ever increasing frequency we hear, read, and see stories of incompetence, lies, abuse, and murder at the hands of our police officers. With each new layer we are reminded of the fact that these are not individual cases but are the manifestations of systematic problems at the very foundation of our justice system.

Words, images and video are the principle media that paint these stories for us. And we have seen that video is the most powerful weapon we have of combatting the lies. It is the undeniable means by which we come to understand the events ultimately creating…

What Does It Mean to 'Manifest' Justice?

Apr 28, 2015

Written by: Marvin Bing

What does it mean to 'manifest' justice? 

To manifest means to 'display or show a quality or feeling by one's acts'; 'to demonstrate something clear or obvious to the eye or mind'. In essence, to manifest means to bring into being something that is visualized, understood, felt, but not yet existing.

The process of making real that which is conceptualized is the very work of the artist, regardless of what medium she uses. The act of creative expression has the power to transport the viewer to worlds and realities that we might not experience or be receptive to otherwise. This is why, across the…

How The Media is Changing Our Brains, Literally

Apr 27, 2015

Written by: Natalia Provatas

A few days ago a video started making the rounds on the Facebook Feed circuit that showed a young black man recounting his “pleasant experience” after being pulled over by a white cop. The editorialized and over-simplified comments along with the videos repost resonated sentiments along the lines of “This kid is well spoken, and polite,” or “This is how you handle police.” What’s the saying? The road to hell is paved with well-meaning, albeit implicitly racist, facebook posts. Something like that.

I get it, we all want to…

Returning to South Los Angeles as a Japanese American

Apr 24, 2015

Written by: Tom Nakanishi

As a fourth generation Japanese American, being part of Manifest:Justice has allowed me to reexamine my family and community's history in LA, in particular our history in South LA. Whether from my family's employment in South LA before and after the World War II internment, the resettlement of Japanese Americans to the area after the war or the radical multiculturalism spurred by diverse communities living and working with each other, I am re-inspired by the stories of our past to continue fighting for justice.

Like others in my community, the…

10 Moments To Look For at the Manifest:Justice Pop-Up Space

Apr 23, 2015

Written by: Wyatt Closs

Yes, Manifest:Justice is an art show. A big one. Chock full of some amazing work. But on the stages and at the tables where programming is happening, there’s much to stop and drop your jaw about as well. There are over 30 events over the 10 days – discussions, music, stage, film, workshops. It was an ambitious undertaking that I hope you get to check out accidentally or purposely. For the purposeful, here’s 10 of them that should not be slept on. 


“Rodney King” by Roger Guenveur Smith. This powerful theatrical piece, I have not gotten tired of since…